>Captivate by Carrie Jones

27 Jun


In Need, Zara and her friends trapped the evil pixie king and his minions in an iron protected house in the woods. They knew this didn’t solve the problem for good. In Captivate, this is made even more evident as the king’s needs grow more and more while in captivity and rival kings began arriving to take over his territory. Did I mention that Zara is half pixie and her father is the trapped king? Of course this only adds to the complications when one of the rival kings, Astley, turns out to be a rare breed of pixie – one supposedly on the side of good. Nick, Zara’s shape shifter boyfriend is not buying it and almost kills Astley. Zara is torn between wanting to trust this new king and wanting to protect her friends and the town from hungry pixies. This conflict within her has serious consequences. Through in a little Norse mythology and Captivate is a captivating read.

Fantasy fans will enjoy this sequel to Jones’ Need. There is sure to be at least a few bouts of Team Nick verses Team Astley. This is a faced paced novel that includes fantasy, good verses evil, teen angst and of course teen love. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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