>Holiday Reading Challenge – 2

18 Dec

>I read this on Reading Addict and thought it would be fun.

1 – List the title and author of the book you are currently reading.

2 – Use any photo hosting site (Google Images, Flickr, Photobucket, FlickrCC, etc.) to find photos related to your book. “The image(s) you post need to have something to do with the book you’re currently reading. You can post a painting or photograph that makes you think of the story or the characters, choose a few pictures that highlight some of the book’s most important elements, or do a little of both. The only thing you can’t do is just post the cover art and leave it at that, though you’re welcome to include a cover image alongside your other selections.” (Stella Matutina)

3 – Put a short description with each picture explaining what it means to the book.

Murder at the PTA by Laura Alden

I’m not very far into the book. But I’m enjoying it. It was a gift from my Secret Santa during Holiday Blog Swap.  

GoodReads Summary:  After Tarver Elementary School’s unpopular principal is murdered, PTA secretary and mother of two Beth Kennedy puts aside bake sales and class trip fund-raisers to catch a killer. And when members of the PTA become suspects, she realizes solving this murder will not be as easy as ABC…

One of the reasons this book was on my wish list is because Beth Kennedy, the main character, owns a children’s bookstore – that’s one of my fantasy jobs.

Beth’s best friend talks her into becoming the PTA Secretary. Not any easy job. As an elementary school librarian, I’m a big fan of PTAs. They work very hard to support their schools.

As I said, I’m not very far into the book. Though I don’t have reading plan (yet) for the break, I had promised myself that as soon as break started, I was sitting down and reading this book.  So far so good.

What are you reading?

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