>Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

10 Jan


From the back cover:
When Nora and Patch are forced together as lab partners, Nora would rather fall to her death than put up with his elusive answers to her questions, his teasing, and his infuriatingly handsome face and hypnotizing eyes.  It seems Patch was put on earth just to drive her crazy.
But before long, Nora’s defenses start to break down as her curiosity about Patch heats up. Why does he always seem to be wherever she is and know exactly what she’s thinking? How does he know what to say to both attract and repulse her?  And what is up with those V-shaped scare on his chiseled back?
As there connection grows stronger, Nora’s own life becomes increasing fragile. Nora needs to decide.  Is Patch the one who wants to do her harm or the one who will keep her safe? Has she fallen for one of the fallen?
I thought I would like this book more than I did. I did like it – enough to finish it and enough to request from the library a copy of the sequel, Crescendo.  However there were several things about this book that bothered me.
1.  Nora is too passive, almost like a doormat. And when she does show some backbone, it seems rather out of character.  Also, somehow I didn’t just get the change from her being repulsed by Patch to being enamored with him.
2.  Vee is one of the most annoying and worst best friends I’ve ever come across. Throughout the entire book, I couldn’t figure out why Nora was friends with her.
3.  Patch is not a likeable hero, he’s a little creepy – though he does redeem himself towards the end.
4.  Nora’s biology class seems off.  The teacher states  “Human reproduction…requires mature handling. And like all science, the best approach is to learn by sleuthing. For the rest of the class, practice this technique by finding out as much as you can about your new (seating assignment) partner. Tomorrow, bring your write-up of your discoveries, and believe me, I’m going to check for authenticity…I want to see real interaction and teamwork.”  The next day, the topic is about what the qualities one looks for in a potential mate. I know it’s been a long time since I took high school biology, but I do have teen age children and I do work for a school district.  The biology teachers I know would not have this as part of their curriculum and if they did they would be drummed out of education.  Perhaps Fitzpatrick included it to grab the interests of teens who wish their biology class was like this.
Having pointed out these negatives, I do have to say that Fitzpatrick does have a way with words that kept me reading.  She created a story for which I wanted to know the ending.  It has a lot of potential and I’m hoping that Crescendo will deliver in ways that Hush, Hush did not.
If you are looking for another Twilight read a like, you might enjoy this book. If you like stories about fallen angels, there is potential in this story, though I would have liked to have learned more about how Patch actually became a fallen angel.   While I don’t consider it the best book I’ve read (though I do know some teens who absolutely love this book) it’s not the worst I’ve read either. I’m willing to stick with it through one more book.
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