>The Radleys by Matt Haig

25 Jan


Goodreads Description:

Meet the Radleys 

Peter, Helen and their teenage children, Clara and Rowan, live in an English town. They are an everyday family, averagely dysfunctional, averagely content. But as their children have yet to find out, the Radleys have a devastating secret 

From one of Britain’s finest young novelists comes a razor-sharp unpicking of adulthood and family life. In this moving, thrilling and extraordinary portrait of one unusual family, The Radleys asks what we grow into when we grow up, and explores what we gain – and lose – when we deny our appetites.

I’m never really sure what I’m going to find when I open a Matt Haig book, but one thing is for sure, I’ve never been disappointed.  I truly enjoyed this book. It is so not your typical vampire book.  The Radleys are a modern soap opera typical, slightly dysfunctional family, with one unique quality – they’re vampires.  Haig has created a witty, engaging story that keeps the reader engrossed from the first page.  In a time when everyone is writing vampire stories, Haig has managed to join the game but with a unique twist.  The familiar family dynamics between Helen and Peter Radley, and between the parents and the children, Clare and Rowan keep it from too vampy.  It’s a very good read and I, for one, would love to read more about the Radleys.

One of the reviews I read on Amazon suggested that there are two versions of this book: one written for adults and one for teens. I couldn’t find any word elsewhere of there being two different versions, but I did find talk about a movie based on the book.  Hmm! I’m always skeptical of movies based on books, but I’m sure I’d add this one to my must see list.

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