Spring In To Summer Read A Thon Update

17 Jun

Ok, due to the Rocky Mountain Avon Walk for Cancer training walk I did this morning with one of my favorite fellow Army wives, followed by helping her pick up her car from the dealer and then lunch, then a shower and then heading out to the fundraiser for my walk, this is the first update I’ve done.

It’s time for the third update & mini-challenge! For this mini-challenge I want you to bring out the inner writer in you with this writing challenge:

Write a story 100 words or less that contains ALL of the following words:

  • Shaman
  • Lime
  • Laser
  • Goat

Here’s my update and mini challenge answer!


  • Total Books Read: 0
  • Total Pages Read: 0
  • Books Read Since Last Update: 0
  • Pages Read since last update: 40 pages
  • Total time read: 1 hour
  • How I’m currently feeling:  Glad that the walk went well. Glad to catch up with my friend. So glad she has moved to the Springs. Now I’m hoping to get in some reading during the fundraiser. The guys at the Cigar Shop are used to me just hanging out with a book while they smoke their cigars. 
Mini Challenge:
Since I’m feeling so overwhelmed and since I certainly a better reader than a write, I’m not sure about this challenge, but one thing being a cancer survivor has taught me is that life is too short to worry about not being good at something. If you want to do it, you are better off giving it a try than just worrying that you are not good enough.
Here’s my story:

The shaman was feeling a little overwhelmed with his village responsibilities. So he decided to have a Bud Light Lime to relax.  Then  he grabbed a cold one and sat back to chill.  He heard a strange laugh.  Looking up he noticed a large goat eyeing his cold Bud Light Lime with a hungry glare.

Fearing for the safety of  his cold tasty beverage, the shaman grabbed his trusty laser gun aimed it at the goat and said “Come on Punk. Make my day.”

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