Summer Promise: Book 1 in the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn

02 Aug

I received an electronic copy of this book from Librarything’s Early Review program in exchange for an honest review.

Book Summary from Amazon:

“As 14-year-old Christy leaves her family’s Wisconisn farm to spend the summer at her wealthy aunt and uncle’s beach home in Newport, she realizes this could be the best season of her life. She’s full of hope that surfer Todd will like her; the beach crowd will accept her; and she can become like her gorgeous new friend, Alissa.

But the summer doesn’t unfold as Christy hoped; she discovers this season also holds heartache. Todd wavers between Christy and another girl; 16-year-old Shawn dies in a drug-related surfing accident-and the police want to know how Christy was involved; Alissa discloses that her sophistication hides a painful past.

Through it all, will Christy keep her promise to her parents not to do anything she’ll regret? Or will she do anything to get Todd, to be accepted, to force her summer to give her everything it promised?”

What I liked about this book:  The message. Gunn’s story provides a positive message for teens. Even as an adult Christian I found passages that spoke to me.  Though the book touches on several serious issues, it has a light tone. It doesn’t weigh the reader down.

What I didn’t like about the book: The writing was all over the place. Some passages were beautifully written with great depth. Other passages were rather flat.  Sometimes, I wasn’t sure if the writer knew where she was going with the story.  Christy is a mostly likable character, but she seems rather immature for her age.

The series has great potential and I’m interested to see where she goes with the series.

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