Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have The Wiggle Fidgets by Barbara Esham

30 Sep

Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets by Barbara Esham

From the inside flap and the back of the book:

I don’t know why I do what I do!

I can always see the mistakes I make – after I make them.  But before they’re mistakes, they just seem like great ideas!  I wish I could stop myself. I wish I would think a little more before I test my great ideas.  I wish I didn’t get on everyone’s nerves . . .

David doesn’t know how he ends up in such “situations.”  At the time, it just seems like a great idea. His teacher, Mrs. Gorski, has had about enough; he can tell by the way her voice changes when she speaks to him.  This time he believes he has come up with the best idea yet – the perfect plan to make everything better.

This is one of four books in a series about children who learn differently. Each of the books explains different learning challenges (dyslexia, difficulty with timed tests, handwriting and ADHD) in kid friendly lingo without talking down to the children.

As the parent of a child with ADHD this book really hit home. Sometimes, as an adult, it really helps to take a minute and look at things from a child’s point of view.

What I liked about the book:   I liked the message it sends.  Even if you have the “wiggle fidgets” it doesn’t mean you can not do well! This book is great for both students, teachers and parents.   For those students who struggle with the “wiggle fidgets”, it shows that they are not alone. I’m not so naive that I don’t realize that some enterprising students might use this as an excuse, but this book really did give me a different perspective, especially regarding my own fidgeter.  I also liked how David was a part of the solution for his “wiggle fidgets.” He had good ideas. Over the years I have discovered that my son is more successful if he takes part in finding the solution.  .

What I didn’t like about the book:  I liked it all, though I must admit that I do wonder if students who read this book might decide to try out some of David’s ideas.

Recommended for students, teachers and parents of all ages.

AR Reading level: Not listed on AR.

Mrs. Archer’s rating: 5 of 5.

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