Texas Book Festival 2011

22 Oct

This is a first for me. I’m actually trying to write a blog post on my iPad. When you are only semi tech savvy like I am, then these things are not as easy as you might think.

I’m not sure how to include pictures, so those may have to wait until I return to Colorado.

On Thursday at lunch I was discussing the schedule with colleagues. I was pleased that this year, there were only two spots on the schedule where I was torn about which session to attend. I may be an elementary school librarian, but I love books for all ages and usually, the festival schedule results in my having to run all over the capitol grounds trying to see multiple sessions at once. My dilemma for one of the time slots centered around seeing Doreen Cronin – a picture book author my students love and a session on book banning. I wanted to get books signed by Cronion for my students and I really want to hear what the YA authors say about book banning. The two sessions are not even in the same building. What to do! Then I noticed that yesterday, there was a kick off event at the Austin Children’s Museum with Doreen Cronin and Eileen Christelow. Problem solved. I got to meet Ms. Cronin yesterday and today I will be able to listen to discussion on book banning.

Now that just leaves one time slot today where I want to be at two sessions at the same time. However, these are in the same building and if I sit in the back maybe I can slip out and catch a portion of both sessions. The woman I admire most (my mom by choice – Sue McEwen) is attending the festival with me. She has agreed to help me stand in line for autographs. I know my students will appreciate it as most of the books I’m getting signed are to be given away during Children’s Book Week in May. I just wish I could buy more. But an elementary librarian who is only .8 does not make a ton of money and as these books are coming out of my personal funds, I do have to be conservative in what I spend. I do have two teenage boys who would appreciate it if I didn’t spend the grocery money on books. šŸ™‚

If you have never attended the Texas Book Festival, I suggest you start planning for next year. It’s an awesome event. It’s free to the public – leaving attendees to use their money to purchase books. Proceeds from the festival go to support Texas Libraries. Books, authors and support for libraries – what more could you ask for?

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