Texas Book Festival – Day One

23 Oct

Except for the surprise rule stating that I couldn’t take in books I already own to have signed by the authors, it was really good day. (I understand why they want us to buy books from the festival and I understand that they don’t want a crazed fan bringing in 20 books to get signed, but I thought they could have been a little more tolerant. Of course, not once did anyone check my receipt to see if I had actually purchased the books I was having signed. Oh well.)

The first session I sat in on was with James Dashner. If you like The Hunger Games you will like his Maze Runner trilogy. They are similar but different. I like to think of The Hunger Games as more rural and the Maze Runner as more urban. He also writes The 13th Reality series, which is on my list to check out.

Next was a session on book banning with Ellen Hopkins, Jay Asher, David Levithan and Jessica Lee Anderson. It was a very informative discussion. I’ll post more about it later.

I ended the day with a session with Sarah Dessen and Libba Bray – two young adult authors I absolutely love while my friend Sue ended with Kathy Reichs and learned all about Reich’s new series – Virals – which is for young adults. Sue snagged an autographed copy of the second book in the series for me. And I’ve already downloaded book one from the library.

There were a few authors I missed meeting: Louis Sachar, Heather Frederick and Jon Sceiscka, but I still managed to snag some autographed copies for my students. The authors are nice enough to sign extra copies that can be purchased in the book sale tent. Thank goodness I remembered to bring my educator’s discount card. It’s saved me a tad bit of money.

I stopped by The Bookwoman booth – a local indie bookstore here in Austin. Bookwoman along with Booklady are two self given nicknames I use. They had these nice t-shirts with Bookwoman across the front. I thought what better memento from my trip – but I’m too cheap to pay $21 for a t-shirt for myself. After all there are just too many books to be purchased.

Today while Sue catches the session with Marcia Clark, I’ll be listening to Newbery winners Rebecca Stead and Kate DiCamillo. After this trip, I will be able to add three autographed Newbery books to my collection. I’ll never be able to get autographed copies of the older winners, but – I’m doing my best to get autographed copies of the more recent ones. Trying to do the same thing with the Caldecott books. Missed Paul Zelinsky’s session. Wonder if they have any extra autographed copies of Rapunzel. Hmm, I guess I’m headed back into the book sale tent.

Tune in tomorrow for another update.

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