A Parfait Murder by Wendy Lyn Watson

27 Nov

A Parfait Murder

A Parfait Murder by Wendy Lyn Watson

From the back of the book: Life has been good for Tallulah Jones, and nabbing a spot on the judging panel at the Lantana County Fair puts the cherry on top. But when Tally’s cousin Bree spots her deadbeat ex-husband strolling the fairground with a vixen on his arm and fat wallet in his pocket, all the fun goes cold.

Bree immediately files for back child support, but then her ex’s attorney is found dead at the fair, and things look more than a little sticky because Bree is standing over the body with a gun in her hand. She pleads her innocent and begs Tally to clear her sweet name.

Will Tally prove Bree’s innocence or will she find her cousin has committed the “parfai” crime? Either way, trouble is certain to be churned up. . .

What I liked about the book: I LOVE this series. This is the third book in the series and each one has been a very entertaining read. Watson’s characters (much like Texas hair) are big and over the top. She mixes humor, mystery, family drama and romance together to create a delicious read. As a Texan, living out of state, this series has a very special personal appeal for me. The “family drama” (and I’m not talking about the deadbeat ex-husband) was a little disheartening, but the way the characters dealt with it felt real and ultimately made for a good Texas soap opera type story.

What I didn’t like about the book: Can’t think of a thing I didn’t like. This was one of my “treat” reads for the Thanksgiving break.

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