Foul Play at the PTA by Laura Alden

29 Jan


Foul Play at the PTA by Laura Alden

Summary:  PTA meetings at Tarver Elementary School can get pretty heated. But after parent Sam Helmstetter is strangled in his car following a meeting, mom and PTA secretary Beth Kennedy and her best friend Marina fear there may be a cold-blooded killer in the group…

Quiet childrens book store owner Beth Kennedy is a prime example of still waters running deep. She tries to avoid confrontation.  And even though her capacity for feeling guilty about things tends to run a little high, that’s just one of the many things that make her a likable character. She has a strong sense of fair play and is very protective of those she loves.

What I liked about this book: It’s well written. The characters are well thought out. The pacing is perfect. I enjoyed that the solution caught me by surprise. I read a lot of mysteries and while I feel a certain sense of pride when I solve the crime before it’s revealed, I also enjoy being stumped.  Of course, the series also appeals to me because Beth owns a childrens book store and is very involved with the PTA. It’s a perfect fit for me as I’m an elementary school librarian.

What I didn’t like about this book: Loved it all. In fact is one of my top reads for January.

Recommended:  I highly recommend this series for anyone who loves cozy mysteries.

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