A Killer Read by Erika Chase

26 Jul


A Killer Read by Erika Chase

Summary from the back of the book:
“Reading specialist and mystery book lover Lizzie Turner was excited for the first meeting of the Ashton Corners Mystery Readers and Cheese Straw Society hosted in Molly Mathews’ old Southern mansion. But she didn’t expect the gathering to become the scene of an actual murder. A stranger has been shot — and nobody knows who the victim is, or how Molly’s antique gun came to be used as the murder weapon.

As the plot becomes all too real, the police chief — Lizzie’s former high school crush — steps in to investigate. Then Lizzie begins finding mysterious manuscript chapters in her mailbox, and Molly surfaces as the next name on the killer’s list . . .

This is the first in a new series.

What I liked about the book: If you know me even just a little you know two things about my reading preferences. I love mysteries and I LOVE stories that have a tie in to books. Erika Chase’s A Killer Read is a perfect fit for anyone who loves books and cozy mysteries. I enjoyed reading about Lizzie’s efforts to encourage struggling readers to develop a love for reading. (In fact, I even picked up an idea or two that I can use in my elementary school library.) Chase’s characters are well developed, easily drawing the reader into their own stories. I already find myself wanting to know more about each of them. Will Andie develop a love for reading? Will Stephanie continue to be afraid? What about Sally-Jo and Jacob, Bob and Molly and of course, the police chief and Lizzie? I can’t wait to read more about all of these characters.

Each chapter heading is a quote from a mystery novel. Readers looking for new titles for their to be read list will find plenty of titles just by reading the chapter headings. At the end of the book Chase includes the reading lists of each of the book club members – another great resource for those readers looking for additional reading material.

What I didn’t like about the book:/strong> Loved it all.

My summer reading has been full of “assigned reading.” Books I agreed to review, books I needed to read in consideration for adding to the school library and one really dry and horrible book for a professional development class. A Killer Read is one of the highlights of my summer reading. I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good cozy mystery.

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