Olivia and the Fairy Princesses by Ian Falconer

16 Oct


Olivia and the Fairy Princesses by Ian Falconer

Good Reads Summary: Olivia is having an identity crisis! There are too many ruffly, sparkly princesses around these days, and Olivia has had quite enough. She needs to stand out! She has to be special! She wants to do more than just fit in! So what will she be?

What I Liked About This Book: I have been a big fan of Olivia since I first read the original book to a group of kindergarten students about a decade ago. Olivia may be exasperating to her mother, but I love her independent nature, originality and self confidence. She is a strong role model for young girls. Olivia’s adventures in this latest installment highlight all of those character traits.

In recent years, I’ve noticed a series of Olivia books based on the popular Saturday morning TV show. While I appreciate these books for early readers, I have missed Falconer’s original artwork. I was very happy to see it in this new book. I also love the addition of pink into the illustrations. I know Olivia would be disappointed in me, but I do love pink.

What I Didn’t Like About This Book: There wasn’t anything I didn’t like. The Olivia books are always a good choice for young children. They make a great read aloud and are must for any school classroom or library collection.

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