HBRC Day 17 – 2013 Reading Goals

01 Jan
HBRC 2012

HBRC 2012

Today’s task is to talk about your reading goals for 2013.

I exceeded my 2012 Goodreads Challenge Goal of 350 books, but still read considerably less than the 500 books I read in 2011. For 2013 I’ve upped my Goodreads goal to 400.

In 2012 I signed up for several reading challenges and I actually did the reading, but was not very good about recording my progress.  I think I’ve signed up for two challenges for 2013. Hopefully I’ll be better about recording my progress.

Another goal for 2013 is to read more of the books I own before checking out books from the library.  I buy these books because I really want to read them and they are by authors I like to have on my shelves. Unfortunately, since I own the books, there is no “due date” for reading them and I often push them aside for books that I’ve checked out of the library and can’t renew because everyone else and their hedgehog is wanting to read them too.

My final goal for 2013 (at least for now) is to be a more consistent blogger.  Maybe I need to develop a weekly schedule for posts.  I’d like to post more discussions in addition to book reviews.  I will just need to pull my nose out of a book or away from the camera long enough to get it done.

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