March Wrap Up

06 Apr
Spring Break Reading Frenzy

Spring Break Reading Frenzy

Anyone who knows me, knows I read constantly. They don’t call me the Booklady for nothing.

Even though I am always reading, my TBR pile is always out of control. I know. Going to the library or book store for me is like a chocoholic walking into Ghiradelli’s. (We’ll talk about my chocolate addiction at another time.)

Being a school librarian  as well as an avid volunteer who has never learned how to say no, Spring Break is when I schedule a nap or two, clean my house and try to get caught up on my lesson plans.  Well, this Spring Break, I was bad. I didn’t touch my to do list. I didn’t clean  house. I didn’t work on any lesson plans (though I did collect books for a couple of school projects.) What did I do? I READ!  My goal was a book a day and I jokingly (or not so jokingly) threatened anyone who attempted to get between me and my daily book.

I managed to read ten chapter books (a combination of adult, teen and children’s books), one non-fiction book, finished one audio book that I had previously started, and six picture books (and yes picture books count as reading.)

Most of the books I read were awesome and even though my house really needed a good spring cleaning, I’m really glad a spent the time with the books.  The sad thing is that it really didn’t make a dint in my TBR pile.  Let’s face it, as an avid bookworm, my TBR is never going to be completed. I know that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep trying.


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