Reading Distractions

13 Jun
Colorado Strong

Colorado Strong

Yesterday I posted about how I often neglect to post on the blog because I’m so busy reading. Well, I finally found something besides work that interferes with my reading – having a wildfire on my doorstep.

We have packed what few things we can fit into our two vehicles, uttering a prayer of thanks that the motorcycle is in the shop so we don’t have to worry about getting it out of the neighborhood should we have to evacuate.

It was hard to decide what to pack. I’m a packrat. Not only is the house full of books, but I have tons of things I’ve collected – things that belonged to my Granny or my mother in law. Pictures – oh my – pictures may be the only thing I have more of than books.  I know, you are wondering if I packed the books.  Yep. I did. Well some of them.  I packed all the library books (so I wouldn’t have to pay for them if they were destroyed) and I packed my autographed books.  I got so carried away I packed the book I was reading.  And of course I packed other important things – making sure to leave room for the two teens, the three dogs and the hedgehog.

So now it’s wait and pray time.  And yes I did dig out the book I was reading (not like I couldn’t have found something to read on my iPad or pulled one of the hundreds of books still left on the shelves.  The problem is I can’t concentrate on the words. I’m worried about my friends in the path of the fire. I’m worried that the wind will change and it will move into our neighborhood. I’m worried about all the animals – wild and domestic that didn’t make it out of the evacuation areas.   I spend much of my time watching the news afraid I will miss something important and sharing updates on Facebook.  You have to admit that social media is an excellent way for sharing information.  I’m amazed and warmed by all the offers of help that I have seen.  People are really pulling together – offering all kinds of help.

I’m also warmed by all the offers of help/shelter that we have received.  It’s take great kindness to offer to take in a family with two teen boys, three dogs and a hedgehog and all their baggage.

So now we wait for the wind to move or the rains to come and for my blood pressure to calm down. Normally, all it would take to lower my blood pressure would be some time with a book, but for one of the few times in my life I’m finding it next to impossible to escape into a book.

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