2014 Reading Challenges

07 Jan

Every January I get excited about all the different year-long reading challenges. I sign up for several and I usually do well as far as reading the books, but I have a hard time remembering to report my progress. Time management is a problem for me. As you can tell from my erratic blogging.  My problem is that I just do too much. I need to be better about picking what I want to do and sticking with that – but that’s a post for another day.

This year, I decided to commit to only three challenges (at least for now).

Good Reads Challenge  where I’v set a goal of 425 books. In 2013 I read 417.  I know that sounds like a ridiculous amount of books, but remember – I’m an elementary school librarian. I read lots of picture books to my students as well as many chapter books that someone who reads as fast as I do, can knock out in a sitting.  Even so, I can’t keep up with all the kids books that my students might be interested in. My progress so far: 10 of 425 books. Not bad for January.

I’m also participating in two challenges sponsored by one of my favorite bloggers Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book.

2014 Alphabet Reading Challenge

2014 Alphabet Reading Challenge

The first challenge is the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. This is a fun and easy challenge. It runs from January to December.  To successfully complete the challenge you just have to have read a book that begins with each letter of the alphabet.  I decided to not start of with a list but just see how many letters I get accomplished through my regular reading.  Since I read so many picture books, if I begin to run short I’m sure I can just browse the shelves at school.  You can get more info on this challenge here.

Just For Fun Reading Challenge

Just For Fun Reading Challenge

The second challenge is the Just For Fun Reading Challenge. This is a GoodReads Group. I sign up every year for this challenge. It’s really simple, you just commit to reading one book a month for fun – not one that you have to read for a class or that you committed to review . Every year I read way more than 12 books just for fun, but I often forget to go back and record what I read. Again – that time management thing.  Maybe this year I will do better.


I’m also doing my own unofficial challenge.  Call it more of a goal or reading resolution rather than a challenge. At school we are focusing on informational texts. Now, I’m a fiction fan, but I do enjoy the occasional non-fiction book – particularly biographies.  Since I believe young readers learn by example and I want my students to expand their informational reading, I’m going to try to set a good example. Back in November I actually challenged my students to read 3 non-fiction books each month from November to the end of January. If they meet the challenge Cheyenne Mountain Zoo will bring out their large python, Kaa, for story time in the library.  Yep, that’s right. If they meet the challenge, little old snake phobic me will be reading  Verdi to a real live python.   The things I do for my students!

What are your 2014 reading goals?

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