Review: Veiled Revenge by Ellen Byerrum

14 Apr

veiled revenge

Goodreads Summary:  Home of the helmet hairdo and congressional comb-over, Washington, D.C., is a hotbed of fashion faux pas. If anyone should know, it’s “Crimes of Fashion” columnist Lacey Smithsonian. She dishes out advice to the scandal-scorched and clothing-clueless, doing her part to change this town—one fashion victim at a time….


Washington, D.C., fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian has always believed clothes can be magical, but she’s never thought they can be cursed. Until now. Lacey’s best friend, Stella, is finally getting married, and at her bachelorette party, fellow bridesmaid—and fortune-teller—Marie Largesse arrives with a stunning Russian shawl. A shawl, Marie warns, that can either bless or curse the wearer. When a party crasher who mocks the shawl is found dead the next day, the other guests fear the curse has been unleashed. But Lacey has her doubts, and she must employ all her Extra-Fashionary Perception to capture a villain who has vowed that nobody at this wedding will live happily ever after…

My Review:  Anyone who knows me, also knows that The Crime of Fashion Mysteries are one of my all time favorite series. This was my spring break treat to myself. I love Lacey Smithsonian and I adore her creator, Ellen (whom I was blessed to have attend a fundraiser for my 2014 Avon Walk).

Veiled Revenge has a bit of everything, wedding drama, a hint of Russian intrigue, mystery, a touch of the paranormal, fashion tips and cherry blossoms. Ellen has created yet another entertaing edge of your seat mystery. I’ve always enjoyed Ellen’s books, but while reading Veiled Revenge I really felt as though I were right there in D.C. with the characters.  I can’t wait to see what happens next with Lacey.

If you a looking for a great series to follow, I strongly recommend this one.

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