Saturday Ramblings: Reviewers Who Diss A Book For The Wrong Reasons.

26 Apr

It’s Saturday morning and I should be out walking or at least getting ready for the glass painting class I’m teaching this afternoon. Instead I’m drinking coffee and procrastinating in front of the computer.

I’ve been wanting to post more often and since one of the things rambling around in my overcrowded brain this morning has to do with books or rather book reviews, I thought I would just ramble out loud – so to speak.

I scan a lot of reviews, not only to find books to add to my overgrown to be read list, but to learn ways to be a better reviewer. I appreciate honest reviews, even if I don’t agree with them. But what really bugs me is a reviewer who disses a book for one of the most ridiculous reasons I can think of – for not fitting into a certain category. Ok, yes I know that a book that is billed as a mystery that has no mystery should be criticized for not fitting into that category. BUT – a children’s book (one that is clearly written for children) should not in my humble opinion be critiqued on whether or not an adult reader will enjoy it or find it useful. (Unless the reviewer is making a list of children’s book that adults can enjoy too. I know several adults who enjoy reading children’s and teen books. I’m one of them.)

Now, if you are a writer who markets your book to adult readers, but you write a book that is better suited to elementary students then you should expect some criticism and rather low sales/circulation. However an adult reader who picks out an elementary level biography and then complains that it doesn’t have enough information or doesn’t live up to adult research standards is being quite unreasonable – perhaps even foolish. I’ve often heard people say that writers need to know their audience. I believe a reader needs to be aware of the author’s purpose. And reviewers need to be fair.

Well enough rambling on this topic. It’s time to go for that walk before my window of opportunity is gone. I’ll be taking an audio book with me – Blind Justice¬†by Anne Perry.

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