Blog Tour Stop – Be Careful What You Witch For by Dawn Eastman

01 Jul

be-careful-what-you-witch-for-large-banner640  FTC Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the author/publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Goodreads Summary:  Leaving a traumatic police career behind, Clyde Fortune has returned to her seemingly quiet hometown of Crystal Haven, Michigan. In spite of the psychic powers of its residents, there’s no telling what trouble is brewing in this burg…
The highlight of this year’s fall festival in Crystal Haven is a bonfire with a witch’s cauldron resting over it. Clyde’s best friend, Diana, leads a ritual to divine the future, but it seems no one foresees that one of their own will drop dead—or that Diana will be a prime suspect.
Clyde already has her hands full with her eccentric family, runaway nephew, and burgeoning secret romance with a hunky homicide detective. But after another coven member is attacked, Clyde suspects there’s a witch hunt afoot and focuses her psychic and sleuthing skills to clear her friend’s name and catch a killer.

My Thoughts:  Some of you may know that in addition to participating in several of the Great Escape’s Virtual Book Tours, I’m also participating in Lori’s Just for Fun Reading Challenge. I really wish I could add this book for my June just for fun read. And I would, except that since I made a committment to read this book and provide a review, I don’t think it qualifies for a just for fun read. However, it is one of the most fun reads I’ve read this summer.

It is the second book in the series, but even though I’ve not read the first book, I didn’t have any trouble following along. After meeting the citizens of Crystal Haven I do plan to go back and read book one: A Pall in the Family.

Be Careful What You Witch For is a mild paced mystery with likable characters. While I wasn’t on the edge of my seat for the book (and you know sometimes it’s nice to just be able to savor a story without feeling like you are rushing toward a cliff), I was engaged for the entire book. In fact, while reading the book in bed one night it somehow got buried under the covers after I turned off the light and I spent an entire day panicking because I couldn’t find the book. I was halfway through and I really wanted to know how it ended.

I particularly like Clyde. She seems well grounded and is certainly a character I would like to get to know better. Her nephew, Seth who is running from his own troubles, is another likable character. He’s pretty grounded for a teenager – especially for one who can talk to dogs. Though not perfect, he’s a good kid and I think he and Clyde make a good team. Of course there is a romance and Clyde does have a quirky family with special talents – these all mix together to make an interesting community that will keep the reader coming back.  I know I will. And, I already know a number of people who will enjoy this book.

If you’d like to learn more about Dawn Eastman and her books check out her website here.




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